Agent Marketing

Marketing for Today’s Real Estate Agent

I am sure you have heard that canvasing your target area leaving off cards or flyers is the best way to let people know about you.

Problem is not too many people today like door to door soliciting.

Check you statistics for your mailing campaigns, not quite what you were hoping for.

Don’t get me wrong, these are all proven ways to grow your real estate business.

But are they working?

Today, whether we want to believe it or not, computers have literally changed the way we do business.

At Best Real Estate Directory, we show ways to pay for something once, then use it over and over in different areas of your marketing to expand your target audience.

Read below on a few ways we help you grow your real estate business.

Your real estate agent for acreage or horse property.

How To Use Picture Posts

Increase your real estate business with picture posts.

Give great real estate content in your picture post blog on your social media connections growing interest in your blog page.

Run an inexpensive Facebook campaign using a picture post ad, then as people like the picture post invite them to like your page. The more page likes you have the more people trust you.

Ask your clients, neighbors, friends, associates and family to share your content and picture posts thus greatly expanding your potential client’s base.

These are ways to market to your target audience with these picture posts.

But you need to be consistent when you market on social media.

Fresh posts, articles, blog posts and such on a regular basis keeping your name top of mind.

At Best Real Estate Directory, we can show you how to manage your marketing campaigns yourself, but if you would rather work on your business while we handle the marketing, that’s fine too.

To get a quote and learn how to get started.

How to Use Your Personal Introduction Video

Your personal introduction video can be used anywhere you would like to introduce yourself and services.

This is not a template video, this is a custom video introducing you. Not just who you are as a business person, but who you are in your personal life.

Exposing your private life lets potential clients know you and thus will feel more at ease when you meet.

This is not a bio about you but a quick glance into your likes, your family, your business mission and of course any business or life accolades. 

This video will improve you SEO rankings on your website.

Share with your clients or potential clients on social media sites growing your target audience.

You will also be given a spot on the Best Real Estate Directory’s video page for viewings.

I believe having a Best Real Estate Directory professional personal introduction video is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to get your name out there and introduce yourself.

Stand out from your competition today!

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See the video below.

Website Custom Design and Build

Ever wonder why your sales and listings are getting harder to get now-a-days.

That is because your potential clients now turn to the internet when looking for new homes.

 A few years ago, your clients looked homes up online on a desktop, got a map, and drove out to see a potential residence.

Fast forward to today.

Now your clients grab a smartphone and go looking up homes on their phones.

With the gigantic shift to a mobile internet, real estate agents need to stay in the game by increasing their web presence.

The days of doing outbound marketing are fading fast.

As a real estate agent you’ll need to turn your focus to inbound marketing and create an online presence with your website, social media, and content marketing so you can naturally attract your target market to you.

Your first step is your website.

Years ago, if you were an agent then, you probably gave away business cards to canvas for business. 

Now your potential clients expect to learn about you and your services by going to your website.

There are a lot of generic agent websites that are done by the real estate company they work for.

But if you have your own website, you can then link with your company website to your own giving you the ability to connect with potential clients more personally and grow your audience.

Call the Best Real Estate Directory at 303.596.6879 or click the green button below to get your custom website built FAST & AFFORDABLE!


Logo Creation

Great Logos Make Great First Impressions 

One thing potential customers consider when deciding whom to trust is your logo.

Make your logo memorable so when someone has seen it, it is very hard to forget.

When people can easily remember your logo, you have a competitive edge.

You see hundreds of logos every day and probably know a good one when you see it.

That is the type of logo that will attract new clients for you over your competition.

If you look at your competition you’ll notice that they use very few logos that stand out from the crowd.

But in the real estate industry, differentiating yourself from your competition is paramount in securing a livelihood.

It is your use of colors, words, shapes, and fonts that will set your logo apart from the rest.

A great logo can lure high-end customers who look for a loyal, long-term real estate relationship may choose you over the next guy. And I am sure you know, there always is a next guy out there.

A great logo earns you trust through your professionalism.

When people see your professional logo over and over, it builds trust and your brand.